Beloved Show “Reading Rainbow” Is Officially Coming Back

Published on December 12, 2021

Remember the phrase: “Take a look, it’s in a book, Reading Rainbowww.” If you do, then you’ll be excited to hear that everyone’s favorite story time show is coming back following 15 years of being off the air.

Reading Rainbow Makes A Comeback

Reading Rainbow Makes A Comeback

The show will return as Reading Rainbow Live, and according to CBS will have “a diverse, talented and comedic troupe of young performers” acting as hosts. Show runners say that the show was inspired by the pandemic and all the challenges that kids and their families have faced during this difficult time, which included a lot of learning from home.

Creative director Amy Guglielmo told CBS News: “We know it was a tough pandemic for parents, for caregivers, for teachers. We wanted to make sure that we have kids engaging with books and we’re going to use movement and music to engage kids in learning. And we really want kids to see themselves in the books that we’re choosing, and we’re going to use diverse creators, authors, illustrators, settings.”

Original Host, LeVar Burton

Original Host, LeVar Burton

Each episode will be 25 minutes long and will include cultural explorations, music, field trips, and a book of the day that will teach viewers about different themed topics. There will also be an “interactive virtual platform,” details about which have yet to emerge but we’re excited to find out. The group of hosts, called “The Rainbows,” will be announced soon.

Guglielmo shared: “We think the rainbow, this fun and diverse ensemble cast, will allow children to just identify with these hosts, and it’s just a totally new experience and it’s truly an experience. [Creators] really want kids and viewers to see themselves on this show.”

The original Reading Rainbow was hosted by the beloved LeVar Burton and was on the air from 1983 all the way until 2006.


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